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This is a place to stay updated on Bonus Gallery, based in Seattle, Washington. Our goal is to serve individuals looking to purchase pieces of original art but not go bankrupt in the process, highlight the talents of artists whose work is not shown quite enough, and benefit local non-profit organizations. Exciting, right? Visit us at


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"Mosaic" (top) by Dave Vander Maas. Acrylic on found wood. 25 1/2" x 9 3/4". $250. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this piece will benefit Queen Anne Food Bank. Available at

New neighbors: Terry Leness & Jessica Hess. #PersonalCollection

"Small Hex" by Dave Vander Maas. Acrylic on found wood. $180.00. Available at


"Like Brothers" (B) 2012. Acrylic, Cell Vinyl, Ink, and Screen Print on Paper. Available at A portion of all my sales from the Bonus Gallery selection will be donated to No Kill Lehigh Valley. Which is an organization dedicated to the no kill equation.

"Torches Out" by Giancarlo DeMarchi. Acrylic, Cell Vinyl & Ink on Paper. $400. Available at

NOW AVAILABLE: Works by Pennsylvania painter Giancarlo DeMarchi. Check it out at A portion of the sales of Giancarlo’s paintings benefits No Kill Lehigh Valley.

"Heart Work 2." Acrylic, Cell Vinyl and Ink on Paper.

Coming Soon on Paintings by artist Giancarlo DeMarchi.

See this finished at OK Gallery (212 Alaskan Way South) on June 6 during First Thursday.

Happy Birthday Irene!


This is what my non-screenprinting, non-skateboarding, non-eating, non-biking, non-spending time with people I love, non-sleeping time looks like. I got a mini-write up too, here:


Some kinda mosaic with a pretzel and some other shit. 2012


“Heart Work 2” 2013. Ink, Acrylic, and Cel Vinyl on paper.


I have work hanging at trabant all February. First Thursday description here. Not lying some of the best coffee in the city. Go hang out.

Check out art by Dave Vander Maas hanging at Trabant Coffee in Pioneer Square all month. (Sorry for the crappy photo.) #bonusartgallery #davevandermaas #art #painting #seattleart #trabant


I totally forgot I even did this! 2012, oil. Owls. Foxes. Buddies.

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